Monday, November 9, 2015

Raahi aur manzil..

Samajhta nahin ke raahi hu ke rehnuma
Chala jaata hu dhundta chalne ke bahane
Bas roko na hume chalne se
Kyunki manzilein hamari hain manzilon se aage

Na rasto ki fikar na manzilon ki chaah
Chain hai humara in kadmo ke taal mel me
kyunki manzilon se aage manzilen aur bhi hain
in raasto ke aage raste aur bhi hain

firaq hue jo apne rasto ke maksad se
to wajood dhundne nikal jaenge
Jo wajood mila bina maksad ki in raahon ko
To visaal-e-raah par fir gaur farmaenge
Aur kahenge khud se ke chale chalo, chale chalo us afaq ki or
jahan na manzileain rahein na raaste na maksad rahe na faasle.

The Wandering Albatross

Monday, October 12, 2015

Badi muddat hui..

Zamana hua khud se guftagoo kiye,
Fir aaj chahat hui gilaaf-e-dil uthane ki,
Samajhta nahin ke ibtayda karun to kahan se,
Simat ke rakha hai beher-e-fikr is puraane makaan me.

Diwaaron ke darmiyan ked hai khwahishen kai,
to khirkiyon se taakti hai aankhe umeed bhari,
Farz karta hu ke lakeeren saffa kar dun is qafas ki
Magar darta hun is jahaan-e-kharaab se.

Tamanna hai awaargi ki, tamanna hai kuch shararat ki

Tamanna hai khayal-e-dil to intehaan tak naafiz karu

To chalo aaj jee lete hain, 
see lete hain in tamanaon ki patang ko baaton ke maanjhe se
Dhunde humraaz koi is jahaan ke bazaar me
Qiam karein dostana is dilon ke gulzaar me


The Wandering albatross

Friday, September 25, 2015

The clear waters of Dawki!!

The clear waters of Dawki!!

About how the sun rays piercing through the sublime waters of Shnongpdeng left us in awe and joy, opening up and letting free the child in all of us. The trip had been long sought after, we all had heard about the place over and over making us eager to land our feet on the sand covered riverbed. Starting of the morning in a shaky car with a reckless driver behind the wheel left each of the traveler in frenzy. Cutting through the traffic and the twisted roads from Guwahati to crossing Meghalya we reached in vicinity to the Bangladesh border in the little but guarded town of Dawki overseeing the green waters of Umngot river. As one arrives at Dawki, the presence of the Indian military can be felt easily but the whole purpose seems Ok given that Dawki is a border town. The first site of Umgot river does not seem very promising as you may find the locals involved in fishing, construction or their daily laundering business and that was one of the reasons we did not stop by to take pictures of arrival.

If you are lucky you may find something like the above picture i took from the web if not, do not worry the land ahead has more to offer as you move on.

Snuggling, making our way through the broken roads based on pieces of broken information we managed to gather from the locals due to a language barrier that exists between the travelers and the locals... we reached the rock laden river bed in Shnongpdeng village.

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Now, being true to the traveler ethics one must make a sacred pact with oneself to leave the place with great memories only but without any footprints on the place.So be ready to pack all your garbage into a bag, if not one does not deserve to cherish the beauty of a place like this.

A ride by the wooden ferry or a modern kayak can easily be uptaken to cross the river and reach the promised riverside where we stayed the night. Be informed that the night stay is deficient to any kind of electricity or any facilities uprising from its use. Lighting comes from hurricane lamps and bonfire.
Basic amenities for reliving yourself of the natures calls are well established using make shift arrangements.

The boat rides awaits.
Its easy to learns to steer these things

The nighfall

The bonfire is the camp center. Chit-chats, boiling water and
cooking, all can be done here.

Dawki along with clear waters is also a place of clear skies. Visiting Dawki will change the night sky for you forever. Its a humbling experience to just lay back in the land an watch the night sky full of all the stars and the interstellar beyond and just be a part of the whole marvel the universe is.

Early mornings begin with gushes of cool air and cool sand beneath your feet. Trust me, the place is only for a water enthusiast and if you are one...a jump into the chilling waters will be inevitable.

A small fire can help boil the water and saves from the chilly breeze
When all is said and done for all the necessary morning rituals one must embark upon the task for which we came, "enjoy the waters"

The locals....always smiling

joy of the water....more to follow

Look at the rivers beds while scuba diving or snorkeling.Swing across the rivers and jump from the highest points into the waters. Its simply amazing.

The beauty lies n the eyes of the beholder...but such a place has to be sacred for a traveler. Maintaining the integrity and longevity of the place is when you are moving remember to clena up the place off your footprints. 

Sunday, November 18, 2012

I just wish to return!!

It has been a strong inbred belief in me...that we are the ones to choose what is best and what we make out of life.The choices we make now may lay a way for greater things to come up.having said this...but knowing all of this i very easy i suppose,but doing what is right matters the most....because as it is rightly said "knowledge not put to practice is futile" and the very same gives us a path...of satisfaction and gratitude towards everything that makes it possible.But as i may put it...there remains no being who may not be affected or carried away by delusions coming in way of this noble practice.And today....i too feel standing on such a path...where i feel decisions i make here would affect people more than just me....actions of now..will decide my satisfaction...some years from now.The curiosity i nurture now...will give way to greater findings for not just me...but for the higher pursuit in life...that is "service". The once brazen thirst and hunger for greatness and completeness seems to be tangled in some kinds of strong invisible strings of neglect and connivance.In the pursuit i come back here...come back to one of my beloved sections of the heart....that is "writing"....with the same the same hunger...and to the sheer hunt for knowledge......."i just wish to return"

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

where to find the "spirit"...

i am no die hard fan of athletics....but sometimes i do find it enchanting to watch someone adroit performing that gives one a sense of awe and surprise.yes,indeed its great to find at least someone fighting for glory and pride with right means and rock turning dedication.thinking about the same some random thoughts cross your mind thinking about any of your favorite performers who may have brought laurels to self and the country by their hard work on the field,and when one thinks about the same we can not bypass the great sporting event, THE CWG 2010 India hosts this sporting season.India may have done a praiseworthy job bringing these games home,people may also enjoy the games to peaks of fervor and an immaculate sportsmanship.

in spite of the brighter side that kind of bolsters the reason for these games one should not look on to the guiding light and the underlining principles of the mega sporting event.if one looks up the real means of the commonwealth is to promote friendship,harmony and celebrating a festival dedicated to sports between the countries that were once under the British imperial doubt we may have been freed from the shackles of ruthless imperialism practiced by an other country...but to look deep we are still entangled in the cobweb of other issues.

Take for instance a games village that looks less like a sporting arena but more like a fortress....Delhi deployed more than 150,000 security men laden with automatic and semi-automatic rifles,unmanned air vehicles,anti-aircraft guns,bomb diffusion squads,snipers,cctv cameras and lots more in stealth a deep analysis the games may be supporting the spirits mentioned above but only when besieged.have we gone astray,has the spirit of aggression taken a macabre face to kill rather than to win,have we forgotten to follow humanitarian way of life if not guided by a gun.i want to address this writing to anyone who wishes to target and shake the "spirit of humanity" the very foundation on which the great indian system of life rests......"jiyo..utho..jeet lo"may just sound like a theme song but is also the elixir that when missing sucks out the marrow from life.So lets go out and find the "spirit" of humanity,friendship,happiness and most important...the "spirit of life" all my fellas enjoy the extravaganza and as i have a dear quote that comes to me now...

"let men live like men
and let animals live like animals"


Thursday, September 2, 2010

a new kind of love!!

ever sat down to experience and realize all the things around u that u may like..those which could bring a smile to your face...give you a light of hope in the darkest time...and connect you to your inner self..bringing the world closer to you...running around the time is one constraint..but when appraised against the peace of mind i thing time is left behind...

today i found what i will call.."a new kind of love" for me...never experienced to close(close is too far not even anywhere around)

just swapping TV channels at ma place i today got on to listen to one of the finest poetry i had heard till date..pure ecstasy i should call it...and it was the very much loved and melodious Hindi in which the golden words described 'love' simple yet so intricate and there and then i was a of the diffused and fragrant words that could captivate the soul of any human being..
one of the great lines i still remember are...........
"pyar k baare me maine jitna likha..
pyar us se b bda hokar dikha...
pyar likhte likhte kalam ruk gai..
dhai akshar k aage kalam jhuk gai"...

so each one of us may not be having the "new kind of love" as the same one but i should say..go out look for something new to do to life..bring a new flavor and savor a beauty which "if u knew u liked it, wud have missed if not done it".


Monday, May 24, 2010

its almost time!!!

It was 22nd august..4 years back when i stepped at the college grounds to accommodate myself at the hostel of ACE & AR.Numerous times have gone by since then,we mat countless people and on the bigger picture had a merry time at this place.But during these fantastic years....that have passed by undetected...the thought of leaving this place seldom crossed our minds.....and now when 2 days back we had the hostel FAREWELL party i just realized..........."its almost time"..........we had organized the same events thrice before, for those moving out but the this time it was different,it was for us and somewhere had the message that we are soon to leave the place and exit the gates where we lived life in the most carefree manner.The party i should mention was really good and well organized...though we had a higher portion of faculty invitation than what we are accustomed to...but the change was for the they left we had the dance in which each one of the hostel let himself free.......and then was the water pouring from the first and the third floor..........oh man!! it was really fun.....and at end i would just say that i hope each one of us moves out of this place to write for himself/herself the golden destiny that we aim of luck to everyone.........