Saturday, October 31, 2009

dont know where my destiny is...

sittin on the vertex,when i stare the horizion
i find my thoughts getting somewhere into oblivion
has held me high,the surge to follow
cant let the fire die,so cant i mellow
i know the path is gruelling and would take a toll,
i may find my wings swelling,but try and try i will to win the brawl
gettin harder and higher the heights become to get as i soar
but feel i can the falling barriers hearing to my roar
as i reach the pinnacle,higher i see the thoughts flying from me
smile at them this time i do,flutter my wings and leap again and clearly i cant  see
cant say terminus of my thoughts is this
so dont i know where my destiny is..............


Tuesday, October 27, 2009

the elysian visage.....

 moving on....... now gettin started with the second post i wanted to go on with venerating the all powerful almighty in whom i keep great faith........this one came from an adept pedagog around me....who is great in his clicks....this is dedicated to the lord and  to the great  mavin.


Saturday, October 24, 2009

for all that u come across....

Numerous people,places and incidents we come across......everythin adding something to the flavor....altering it.Life being so fickle to us is not new....... commomerate the seraphic experiences life gives and be packed for the knotty ones.

Keep the spirit up ,follow the heart,worrry not( as it wont add up to anythin).

So be ready to eternalize evrythin life has to offer.....record those moments and lets share a part of our livez ...alvyz remember its the only one we got for us and everyone around us.