Saturday, December 12, 2009


Feelings so many for u
Not   finding u near turns me blue
Always I wanted to say this to you
But could not find the a way to pursue
Always in my heart u have the place that is pious
And these words that I want to say without any bias
Loving you each day has given me a way to live when I am alive
And the golden smile that for my happiness serves as a hive
Glazing eyes carrying the innocence of a child
Placating my distress and making problems mild
The eloquence and simplicity of your thoughts has amazed me a lot
 You coming dearer with empathy realizing each of my thought
Don’t know how will I complement splend   thy
My loved one so beautiful, may be loquacious may be shy
 Darling you are my heart
Stronger the love will grow & long it’ll last
Loving you sweetheart will never get hackneyed
Beyond the lifetime our philia will reach as the love is sacred.