Monday, April 5, 2010

a lot to come!!

:-)(i am smiling now)

sitting ideal listening to "the angel" by the aerosmith...i am thinking about everything that has gone by....everything we have savored about each moment that went past giving us something....some may have been new some old, some uninteresting but some good to be faced again.....but i don`t know why something suddenly inside me suddenly starts think about what may be behind the door.....its a surprise gift wrapped in the opaque packing of time.Sometimes getting eager to open the pack like the kid,who has come to know about a gift with his name on the tag....phew!!.Silent but commanding tricks time plays on you...and we really don`t discover how and when we have been shifted to a totally different situation..conditions change,boundaries change,changed friends and foes and most importantly responsibilities changed.Have to go on....have to run ...have to try to win..bcoz every time we are to take a break....we listen to one of the "angel song" and we again discover..."there`s a lot to come".........