Wednesday, November 25, 2009

my vision!!!

 times have been seen in haze
but did not i let it put me to faze
chronicles i have in my mind of what went past
indispensable is this if i need to last
hosting to a new challenge each day
crossing each hurdle  turns me gay
 meet the fate with arrogance that's brazen
always march ahead i will ,guided by my vision

crimson meets with fate serve as  a leisure
life like this gives pure pleasure
 these supplied   life with the hue that was needed
and with times the fears have receded
sure i am not before how long the combat will come to a conclusion
but plan i will each move with my vision

running against time i find feet getting sore
but the heart tell to leap more and more
driven by the impetus from pure furor
and the soul provides the vigor
flagrant fleece of fate try to bring in derision
but  balk them i will with my vision!!


Tuesday, November 24, 2009

your felony

i had to become one of u,but u wont let me get there
i had to be errant and suffering u gave me to bear
it was a dark night when the heavens poured
the roofs of  my shack dashed as the skies roared
the dark night was not the end of my loss
when opened my eyes found my dear ones piled dead making crosses
it was u whom i cried for rescue
but u shirked my cry  with ur brusque
today i have  aged
but i still cant find a future that can keep me engaged
fella of my  eld held a pen to write their fate
but i am here with my stomach quetching for days you haven't ate
one day i will die in my agony
u wont notice but my soul wont forgive u for ur felony!!!

These words are on behalf of all those unfortunate kids who lead their lies in abject and are deprived of all those necessities of life that are a must for him\her to the whole scenario the social setup plays an important role in keeping the deprived children from their rights to live life fully.This is a complain that the child makes to the same setup for putting him through great pain.We can help them for their better and for  better of the world around us.