Wednesday, October 6, 2010

where to find the "spirit"...

i am no die hard fan of athletics....but sometimes i do find it enchanting to watch someone adroit performing that gives one a sense of awe and surprise.yes,indeed its great to find at least someone fighting for glory and pride with right means and rock turning dedication.thinking about the same some random thoughts cross your mind thinking about any of your favorite performers who may have brought laurels to self and the country by their hard work on the field,and when one thinks about the same we can not bypass the great sporting event, THE CWG 2010 India hosts this sporting season.India may have done a praiseworthy job bringing these games home,people may also enjoy the games to peaks of fervor and an immaculate sportsmanship.

in spite of the brighter side that kind of bolsters the reason for these games one should not look on to the guiding light and the underlining principles of the mega sporting event.if one looks up the real means of the commonwealth is to promote friendship,harmony and celebrating a festival dedicated to sports between the countries that were once under the British imperial doubt we may have been freed from the shackles of ruthless imperialism practiced by an other country...but to look deep we are still entangled in the cobweb of other issues.

Take for instance a games village that looks less like a sporting arena but more like a fortress....Delhi deployed more than 150,000 security men laden with automatic and semi-automatic rifles,unmanned air vehicles,anti-aircraft guns,bomb diffusion squads,snipers,cctv cameras and lots more in stealth a deep analysis the games may be supporting the spirits mentioned above but only when besieged.have we gone astray,has the spirit of aggression taken a macabre face to kill rather than to win,have we forgotten to follow humanitarian way of life if not guided by a gun.i want to address this writing to anyone who wishes to target and shake the "spirit of humanity" the very foundation on which the great indian system of life rests......"jiyo..utho..jeet lo"may just sound like a theme song but is also the elixir that when missing sucks out the marrow from life.So lets go out and find the "spirit" of humanity,friendship,happiness and most important...the "spirit of life" all my fellas enjoy the extravaganza and as i have a dear quote that comes to me now...

"let men live like men
and let animals live like animals"